Go back, cold North Wind, to your home. You have played your rough pranks long enough. You have had your time playing with the ice and snow. The Spring Sun and April Rain and I must have our time now. All the little people in the big brown house have been asleep all winter. We mean to call them up. The sun makes the big room warm. The rain taps gently on their doors. I call softly: ‘Wake up, little people; your long winter sleep is over. Come, little ants, you may begin your work now. Wake up, Mr. Frog, and creep out of your mud house. Come, little bees; the flowers are getting your breakfast ready. They will soon be calling you to come and help them at seed-making. Come, butterflies and moths; creep out of your cradles on the tree-tops and in the ground. Make the country more beautiful, you flying flowers.’

Fragmento de la pequeña historia ‘Awake‘ de Florence Bass, dentro de la colección de textos ‘Nature Stories for Young Readers‘.