1. I started animating with Flash 3 while studying Fine Arts at Seville University. I used to draw every movement as in traditional frame by frame animation.
I have never stopped working with Flash (now Animate CC) and I still use it to improve my motion graphics works.

The software I use most is After Effects CC. I usually animate characters and others contents in motion graphics, previously designed in Illustrator or Photoshop.

1. GIFs Not just for fun, but also because with the use of Gifs, my audience can easily understand the message that I want to convey. Some of my GIFs went viral on Instagram stories recently, reaching 155 millions of views… only this month!

2. DISSEMINATION One of the most ambitious projects I’ve worked on are the VIDEO ABSTRACTS with which I have helped spread the work of international scientific laboratories. These are short animated videos that summarize the major aspects of a research:

content creation: Photoshop CC
animation: After Effects CC (+ Animate CC)
post-production: Premiere Pro CC

3. MARKETING Within my professional career, I have worked in several marketing projects, especially for the video games industry (MONSTER LEGENDS game teasers, C.A.T.S. ad videos…) Integrated in marketing communication, social marketing videos are a powerful tool to increase customer engagement:

content creation: Photoshop CC + Illustrator CC
animation: After Effects CC (+ Animate CC)
post-production: Premiere Pro CC

Please, check out my Vimeo page and don’t hesitate to contact me for further information! :)